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sleigh bells – you lost me lyrics


you lost me

behind the circle k,
where our bodies lay,
we took our lives away,
we wanted it this way.

face down in the dirt,
in your mini-skirt,
teeth touch the tracks,
yeah i got your back.

i don’t want you to see me this way,
what a way to die (in 1985)

down in the ground we can sing from the grave,
take a breath, take a breath
i would never lie to you,
but i’m gonna have to tell the truth.
ah-ahh, you lost me.

teenage metal heads,
in your denim vests,
cause you’re holding hands,
through your favorite bands,
all your favorite bands.

your not the only ones
down beneath the sun who never had any fun,
you walk around town with your heads way down.

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