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slicc pulla – seen it all (free snowman) lyrics


september 2nd, n-gg-, it’s the world
seen it all, n-gg-, this sh-t don’t stop

it’s the world got too much dough
september 2nd n-gg-, free snow
it’s the world got too much flow
september 2nd n-gg-, free snow

all the score drops is cl-ssics
kill the booth, put the mac in the casket
remember last go, doin’ hard the magic
when the plex came in, we keep it platinum
it’s the world, will neva fail
talkin’ -ss n-gg-s, all they do is tell
and release they night, we gon’ raise some h-ll
everybody free yo mind, n-gg-, f-ck the cell
we the realest n-gg-s in this, y’all know it
make the blueprint, y’all f-ck n-gg-s stole it
star so whack, feel like she was bolt down
if i in the parkin’ lot, f-ck n-gg-, i toe it
b-tch blockas runnin’ they mouth, they so lame
i’m bout to go persian and hit em by ten lanes
and you can cater judge in the m-th-f-ckin’ dae
mess, like ya petty -ss gone chuck change
due two seaters and hears if i see the range
same for the babies that feelin’ that same grange
seasons welcomed, check the dial then 4 4 8
the one that won’t chop, learnin’ how to hate cats
three years you’d be sh-ttin’ and p-ssin’ on y’all quiz
see young to the neck while you’re sittin’ on hot biz
the second we gon’ fly to the club we gon’ live
we stand up on a couch and get chopped by a pierce
if a n-gg- want war with the world, then let’s go!
attack a n-gg-, make his m-th-f-ckin’ hands go out shout
bla bla bla, y’all talkin’ like hoes
let’s keep it peace, don’t need anotha m-th-f-ckin’ ?
y’all sniffin’ off the wrong road, yung n-gg-s
can’t get a job so ya need escape killa
shapera on the jock, yeah, betta just roll
done, y’all cops gonna miss yo lil coats
scuffin’ all greed, the n-gg- the fool yo
spirit so hatchy, like vader, he strong
seen it all, n-gg-, and my team did too
o september, listen, funky n-gg-s should listen too
yeah, september 2nd, y’all know it
when that thing block, you gon’ need a block frozen
real dope boys back, watch the game start flowin’
and this game ain’t free, jump a m-th-f-ckin’ token