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slickdubz – that’s crazy lyrics


i wish to these b-tches to get in a prison
with 6ix9ine you gonna be a b-tch, yuh
with all these guy who gonna take you from behind
i don’t know who you are
and i don’t even know who i am
f-ck this sh-t and grab my hand
f-ck that you are just b-tch
and i hate all of these b-tches

get my shoes and some f-cking mushrooms
the sky become f-cking magical on this dude
in the motherf-cking concrete jungle
im gonna be with bob marley and we gonna drink some hennessy
create good vibes, i can’t do this
give me a reason of the life
give me the goal of this f-cking life
i dont know why we live
and i dont know why we die

give me some help
little dirty
little shorty
are you dummy
f-ck this fefe
why are you so happy
give me your secrets
this sh-t’s crazy
like this pain on my chest
wake and bake

you said gentlemen doesn’t exist
its because you just love bad boy
that’s why we treat you like a b-tch

when i was young and i take some candy for halloween
my dad was smoking crack in his f-cking limousine

if you f-ck with me you gonna taste the floor
warning (4x)
the floor is dirty
thats gonna be very slowly
laugh of your f-cking face
on the floor i rub your face

i spent the week
that was hard
the weekend came and we relax
and the monday came really fast
what can i do when i feel like a trash
you just have to dont take drugs
thats what my mom said to me
but without drugs im not happy

say me what i can do
when i dont know what to do
b-tch you wearing pumpking shoes
they are not cool issues
when you wearing pumpink shoes
it means youre desperate
with some weed you can’t be desperate
take some
i give you the right to smoke some weed so
take some(3x)
i give you the right to smoke some weed so
take some
yeah take some