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slightly stoopid – the otherside lyrics


tell me if you really wanna ride to the otherside
where you know their hidin’
undercover from the stars you know that theres no survivin’ when you wanna lineup
cant you see that there is something wrong or are you just as blind as all the ones beside you
just remember that the world is runnin’ by the hands of man who had no guns for violence

crucial issues that get pushed aside
which we could get you to try to take a look inside
and awaken that what you slept to long
cause twisted minds have lead you wrong
i just deliver the messege
i dont need no thanks
i ‘aint talkin’ bout my b-tches, i aint slingin’ no __
see war and poverty, violence and hate are all connected
but you aint tryin’ to relate

to the otherside [x2]

to many times were overloaded with the phase that were livin
in a world thats got us caught up in the wrong desicion

by the ones we put in power gettin richer and fatter
the rest of us around us think the one that all matters
or its us that gotta deal with the cost of your reason
its us that gotta deal with the cause of your treason
which way you runnin’
pack your bags you know we comin’

ay yall
you see that one mans pleasure can be the next mans sorrow
no such thing as loyalty, no good examples to follow
all we hearin’ is… time to fix the distortion
nothin’ but death and disease and epidemic proportion
the order of the day is hate and greave
time to take the lead supply the basic needs
and either deal with it or you can deny it
from the worst comes the best
from the lowest comes the highest

to the otherside [x3]