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slipshred – buttstuff lyrics


b+ttstuff, b+ttstuff, she let me finally do b+ttstuff
b+ttstuff, i finally got to do it b+ttstuff. she finally let me do it b+ttstuff. you know i really wanted b+ttstuff, yeah. b+ttstuff, she love it when i do b+ttstuff. she always let me do b+ttstuff. she really love b+ttstuff. she got a little b+ttplug. with a jewel in the back. it sticks out her ass. so when im doing doggystyle i see that. everybody thinks im joking though. everybody thinks she a silly ho. but her assh0l+s only for my weiner. she told me so. i just wanna do some b+ttstuff. she love it when i do some b+ttstuff, yeah. b+ttstuff. finally hit it from the back. b+ttstuff. she love it when im up in that
b+ttstuff. she said can you nut in that. im like b+ttstuff, sure of that. its going down

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