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smash cast – smash! lyrics



you ask me, how far will i go
you ask me what i wouldn’t do
for the sight of my name
as it fills every frame
yes, i want to be more than a flash
i ask you, what lies should i tell
i tell you i’m willing to learn
so enroll me in school
in your kidney-shaped pool
in a two-piece i make quite a splash
’cause i wanna be a smash
yes, i wanna be a hit and run
till i’ve won every heart
be a queen to each king or mechanic
plus you, mr. zanuck
but first, mister
you have to give me the part
i know all the tricks of the trade
i’ve even invented a few
now your interest is mounting
and soon we’ll be counting
the lights and the nights
and the cash
’cause i’m gonna be a smash!
yes, i’m gonna be a smash
won’t you help me be a…