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smiley don – what you know about me lyrics


hook;i was born in kings county
but i was raised in dade county
i don’t know what you know about me
i don’t know what you know about me
i know ya girl ,she a lil nasty
ringtone on her phone ,zoe majesty
i don’t know what you know about me
i don’t know what you know about me,..

1⃣ and ain’t no reason to talk flyer homie if it ain’t freaqwent ,party any day,don’t gotta wait for a reason , thankful for what i got,celebrate every season ,i do it ,freaqwent ,often ,weekend, avoid the beefing , more time for grinding ,more time for smiling ,3 0 5 ing, gold grills shining,feet up reclining, i love this trippy life ,fancy ,wining and dining ,but don’t talk too much ,bout the things that i did,learned that as a kid ,first year on my bid ,cuz might be a couple homies ,not feeling the kid,that would tell on the kid,cuz they don’t smell like the kid ,and you can chec the style ,i been doing this since the penial,and always been the original type ,like a freestyle ,i’m gods child,and fronting homies be making me hostile ,i ain’t gotta be ya homie ,i don’t know what you know about me ….


2⃣ hblocc marks the spot ,where i does my thang ,still a vet ,still rep ,still love to hang ,lotta chiccs love the game n i love the fame,it’s like ,getting brain from a dame in a range ,it’s like getting blowed for a modeling pro,it’s like ,getting suc’d by a bad -ss ducc,use to be a young bucc, tryna get a nut ,now they ,want the nut ,swear the kid got buccs ,got 1’s from 98 ,i still ain’t touch ,lil house in haiti ,coconut trees n such ,but don’t contemplate the jooks,cuz you will get crushed ,like a c-ckroach by a lincoln trucc, like homie -ss betting with that ace in his face ,like so what you kno da cuz ,smacc the taste out his face ,a real homie with no brains ,ain’t nothing to waste ,but i keep a basket case i can put in his place ,cuz


3⃣ i don’t know why them losers fronting
like i won’t come thru ,post up and roll something ,like i ain’t the same one ,still bad to the bone ,cuz in 98 ,i probably brought ya whole blocc home, in 99 still a teen,roc’n state greens ,few years up in greene,i did my thang ,whatttt you mean, but enough about jail ,i got no stories to tell,i was the north side general ,i was living tooo well,came home on parole,still hit the g stroll,started off gc, so hblocc is my rome,speculations on the cash ,that i get str8 ,still always a king ,i neverrrr, switched up my fate , cuz i been thru it ,from cl-ss clown to the best student ,from living b-mmy,to flossing ,how the kings do it, im living life,can’t do it ,how you do it ,it’s trippylife cuz ,get use to it