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smokingskul – commas lyrics


keep that check if it don’t come with commas
i got bands i could f-ck yo momma
like a black b-tch i’m all about drama
heard she a thot she gone suck wit a condom
red hollow tips make em bleed like a virgin
laugh at the bank n-gga cause i earned it
k!lled his self in an alley like a german
semi automatic don’t got a permit
these n-ggas snitching like a candice (moom)
catch em off guard wit a cannon
n-ggas ain’t real n-ggas be filler
hop out the stolo like a bandit
i’m in the field n-gga like madden
stay wit that fie n-gga like a dragon
yo gun jammed n-gga u done panicked
i keep a glock if the ar jammin

commas (continued)