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snap capone – unsolved murder lyrics


unsolved murders
dirty burners
don’t be nervous
sticks are german
rugs are persian
tough on youtube, soft in person
c0ke investments
home inspections
two sticks ambidextrous
snapped impetuous
never been treacherous
rubber-grip tec for the textures
i’m the era of the opi and them
still talk to opi and them
snap’s selling opium
can’t get the gun in, f-cking bring the pokey in
can’t find a n-gga, f-ck it i’ma smoke his friend
you’ve never had beef
you don’t do road you do street
ask little z
the n-gga lost my gun, bought another ten
hot like marrakech
bally on, n-gga have a guess
head, neck, when i bang the spesh
full stop, that’s a grammar check
i’ve been catching bodies
snap capone alias john gotti
only thing you’ll take is a slug from me
these n-ggas, pshttt, they’re n0bodies
it’s still free tn
guns, clothes, cars european
ready for war like the koreans
i have your mrs in my dm’s
now i’ve got your mrs in my bm
f-ck her then i p-ss her on to liam
waiting on that cayenne coupe
brother who you lying to?
you’re just a likkle fish, must i remind you?
new coupe’s sky blue
shot what? stabbed who?
guns sneeze at you
head shot, black shoots
don’t make me bring buj back
cl!ck clack, kwuff kwaff
these n-ggas soft, they just look bad
rolling round with bap, free my n-gga sid
zig-zag hand ting while pressing on the sig
n-gga i don’t know what he done or what he did
your whole life is a myth
snap flows like a pro
whip c0ke into stones
my .38 chrome looks chubby and short
i only do the roley or the ap offsh0r-
cause n-ggas don’t want it, not really really sure
bad boy snizzy
bro say nizzy
rip tizzy
gun man, shoot her like clizzy
going on the rizzy
head, neck, chest, shot the kidney
then fly to papa guinea
pull up in a tesla
brand new heckler
my amigo name hector
boy better know like i’m skepta
causing pain’s my pleasure
violate dexter, i’ll leave you stone cold like the wrestler
n-ggas crack under pressure
trap house, brick pressed and then measure
swerving in a range
better have respect on my name
all my shooters qualified and they’re fully trained
gun man snap but to mum i’m a saint
dsquared covered in paint
it’s still free jungle
caught a mill cash wrapped in bundles
i was up in jail, me and my n-gga rumblez
far from humble
live demonstration of what my gun do
art of war like sun tzu
nutty got life
snap got life
there’s not a day that goes by that i don’t pray for my n-ggas
b-tches say they’re real but they ain’t waiting on no n-ggas
the n-gga’s looking life so the n-gga started snitching
the game’s f-cked for f-ck’s sake
two bricks came in duct tape
s500 in gun grey
selling holy bricks on a sunday
engaged to the streets, my fiancee
it’s capone motherf-cker