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sniff ‘n’ the tears – i believed in you lyrics


and i still see your face in my mind’s eye
when you told me you loved me were you telling a lie
that line that we crossed when nothing was said
when the things left unspoken make war with your head

so just who am i to say this is true – i believed in you

and i long for the touch that traced my desire
that healed me and ruined me and made you a liar
if love can survive like the stars in your eyes
when those stars have gone out then the rest is just lies

just who am i to say that i knew – i believed in you

now the queen of the night in her cool and drag
walks the walk and talks the talk with a house brick in her bag
and she moves to the tune of a thousand lost souls
who clamor in her insect dreams for the absolution she bestows

just who am i to say what i do – i believed in you