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solp - silly trumpets lyrics


im hopped up on some sh+t, i dont know where i got it from

caught up with yo hoe, i like to stick it in her bum

f+ck ya clique, these silly trumpets make ya run

ill destroy ya sh+t like the us did to iran

(verse 1)
my backs about to break, cause the weight that i carry on

im the next rap great, if i choose to carry on

im not the type to wear a cape, but im still a king not a p+wn

sittin ona beach getting wafted by b+tches with fat asses and palm fronds

i got snеak dissers, callem sh+tty ninjas

i made her so hot, she melt bars like 9/11

i got a brown girl, that works at 7/11


my jeans too big, makes the heels drag

my sh+t, can’t even make midgets gag

i walk around the suburbs, putting dogs in bags

when i want granny closer i get her with the mag+net

when i kiss my homies i get called a f+ggot

b+tches fight over me like the ba+nat

caught me with switches forgot we ban+ned it

why does the government in america have to suck

why buy jordans, when i could buy chucks

it rains so much, makes me go nuts

when you you walk in the building, you makem say f+ck

and when they say f+ck, you way f+cked

you a pillow princess, cause the way you stay f+cked

i dont know how to say foreigns, is it maybuck?

all the rounds i put in my sawies, is straight slugs

b+tch when im huntin, im huntin g+y thugs

i dont want s+x b+tch, i want a. hug

i sell straight chemicals, im no drug plug

i got fake t+st+c+ls, try to kick my nugs

tell the b+tches if they get naked, i dont give a fug

when dudes do the same sh+t, my pants get snug

snug like a bug in a rug, like that snug


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