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son anthony – ill still lyrics


i support the little fish who rise against their predators
who end up being eaten either way but fought protecting their own lives and bloodlines
i’ve scoured the earth, but when i encounter pretty girls it quite often leaves me tongue tied
sunrise is just as pretty as sunset
beginnings hold potential while the endings slowly fade
into a new day that’s a canvas while your thoughts are the paint
and in your hand holds the brush to make your mind less opaque (okay)
going ghost until life gratifies my lonesomeness
with desires that are met with “whatever floats your boat”
brought a blanket to the arctic as opposed to say a coat
because the snow is no match against my heart thats grown cold
you said you like the way i dress cuz it’s dark
if only you knew the reason why i choose these articles
it’s smart to stay reserved instead of giving explanations
for these darken particles sown together resemble pain
returning from whence i came has always been the prime objective
cannot define life’s meaning where one will not find subjective
protective of the innermost secretes in the sanctum
that’s a blank room i record in when hiding behind the monitor
you talk a lot but you don’t know what about
i’m ill still since i shut down that d-mned pill option
i stand still watching what opposition emerges
then insurgent tendencies form a head to resolve them
it’s tiresome fighting an upward battle
i wonder what will happen if i put my guns down
all the the kings horses and all the kings men
could not resemble the broken component within my chest