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sonic sum – negatives lyrics


[verse 1]
what usin’ proposal did you put at my disposal
no correction tape and no real improvement
melt the greatest slur aiming your first
permit me to leave a bleaker blue flame

together in a drill in a well+lit room
room for the spectacular noon performance
saline solute, they mean recruit
when they wash you out with torrential rains

sirin’ either ways of a cold
the occasion: to make a decision
but it isn’t what it wasn’t and it never will pan
out for me, it’s safer to say

company’s a grave in my point shave sp+ce
when they made the book getting paid to look
like you haven’t slept in days or in qualities
people eating through my finish like rust

[verse 2]
i’m a
military secondary in a very small box
slits to see up and about
this is just a slip that explains the tubes
interworking wheels, and how to execute
emergency override, won’t confide in you
surely we’d go and try all things electric
tall drink of glass feet, crawl wicked last week’s
miracle, my lawn pylon metric

i’ve grown wireless and feel disconnected
see the glass house? see that stone? it’s for when i’m locked out
or just when i’ve had
hours of reactions trimmed to one word

under neither, overcooked
son of seizure with tonnes of problems
not that inputs are perceptiveless
that can’t be achieved with excessive rest

recreation, i am part of
sharpened hearing when you watch for joggers
recycle bottles like christine nichols
i am bitter because i’m worthless