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souki kismet – snake eyes lyrics


put a devil in a dress, paying millions towards fine silk catillions to settle debts
nevertheless, the spiral sigil hit dudes with the eye roll
yet the cycle spin from leviathan of the irs
buying bless and paying respects forward, make your bed and lay in the mess under the headboard
to the old boutique, the most unique threats thwarted, cut the red cord, cause the cousin of death’s morbid
prototype vеxed lord, roll a dice on a chessboard, and hold thе mic with the souls of the golden knights i export
late nights in vegas, got the snake eyes, writing pages like the lifesavas, lights fading
so vursatyl, the sunset save, cast a shade on the unrest
i elaborate when it hurts to smile to spite the dumb threats
vertical, climbing up the summit
sometimes one line transcend the sublime and blend santeria feeding on the sunshine
klansmen and condemned insanity they combine
prophetic hauling lost relics through the autobahn
gone to get some holocaust credit, aw get it
cross the trajected scenic route of medics, amputations, cosmonaut cosmetics
stealing shoes, a brand new status, made to walk on prosthetics by the s+d+sts
oven light expose what wasn’t right like haagen daz shine light from star of david on the danish
sweet truth serve as rations for the cheating troops attacking form the bastion with the passion of a recluse
the paladin fashion for the faction hacking hebrews
such a shonda, profit off the trauma
transport the dollars to the d+mn short wallets
clamoring “who gon stop us? move on opposition”
what they stand for is lawless, listen
but go westward, no, they not experts, not atonement for the moments where they put the check first
past and future in the home of the brave, former fascists don’t track backwards but we grasp to our ways