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soul glo – created in h.i.s. image lyrics


in the reoccurring nightmare of yr leaden stride, you’d skinned yrself in line in yr real life. you p-ssed off to my cousin what you hoped to resign, the doubt, dread, and mistrust you’d been -ssigned. it’s just a waste of pain, to only live inside the limitations of a name. we all seek the privilege of privileged nonexistence, to fit into a mitten made of television, but i cannot speak to you. i fear yr fear, i fear yr f-cking gun. i’m yr manslaughter, forced in a satchel. i’m yr enemy, also yr army. i was given meat, and i could feed for a week. but give a n-gg- a brick and the whole neighborhood can eat. and if you always check to see if yr the man of these streets, you miss the opportunities to see yrself in me. i lose the time to understand a h-ll i don’t know, the failure to escape one of this white world’s forms of mind control. and i silently sadly think of the impossible seeming unity of allies who look like me