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soul-junk – soulology lyrics


may join where you’re working jesus may i walk with you

i hunger, thirst for you lord
your righteousness, your spirit give to me your spirit without limit and strengthen our faith lord

so we may receive lord i ask and ask again
for the sake of who you are sovereign lord and for the sake of the name of jesus christ

anoint and purify us, cleanse us so we may perceive

help our unbelief, so we may testify strengthen the faith of your bride (because wе have not seen, but we beliеve lord)

begin to clothe her as she is to stand before you drive the accuser far from her
jesus we confess we’ve let ourselves
be robbed of experiencing your faith

you life and peace and rest o jesus, your fullness, your love in your name pull the accuser

the lies of the liar and all his oppression
off our backs at your feet we kneel, lamb of god in your presence, save us son of david

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