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soulja boy – goku lyrics



soulja boy tell em.
uhh, b-tch i look like goku.
b-tch i look like vegeta, im hoppin out that oldschool.
’64 impala, swagged up.
b-tch i’m poppin bottles. manga.

b-tch i look like goku, pulled up in my old school.
f-ckin’ up that protoss, super saiyan swagger.
b-tches on my d-ck because all my alb-ms platinum.
i don’t give a f-ck because i’m swagged up to the maximuuuuuuuum.

b-tch i look like gohan.
smokin’ up that marijuana, b-tch i’m havin’ so much fun.
dre, know how the f-ck i do it up.
back up in the truck, up in the back we do it all.

gucci pant, louis pants, swagger.
bentley, hit me for a pretty -ss player.
yeah, drop top swagger like yeah.
holla out woo, like rick flair,
swag, swag! i look like vince mcmahon.
gettin’ money, i’m look like peter pan.

swagswag. i got the death note swag.
that anime swag put a respectable black person in beeeeenaaaiiiii!
b-tch i look like go-ku!
ridin’ in my old school, smokin’ up the protoss.
back up on the track, dreeeeeeeeee!!!!
i don’t give a f-ck because i’m breakin’ up the cerebellum.
back up on the track, i’m the twitter king.
i got sh-t you ain’t ever seen.
soulja hit ’em high like kong.
soulja, soulja, soulja, soulja, when i’m broke.

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