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soulsavers – precious time lyrics


precious time

girl, come over here, there’s nothing left to fear
there’s nothing left to do to keep this love from drawing near
i know what you been through, i know why you’re so blue
i know you’re scared by love and, girl, i know i love so true

i see it in your face
i see it in your eyes
i hear it in your voice, you’re trembling
now that my love has made you realize

why’re you over there
living in despair
oh baby, over here it’s [?], you got to be aware
what you gonna do
it ain’t up to you
you know i’ll steal you from your daddy and your boyfriend too

it’s in the way you move
you know your love is mine
you know you can’t control it anymore
just give it up, stop wasting precious time

come over to me
i know just what you need
you feel your heart is weak [?]
can’t you read the signs
you shouldn’t be surprised
they’re saying justice [?], oh girl, you’ll feel me deep inside

girl, when you get here
you see how insincere
your ways have been, i’ll fill you up with all my love
and then you’ll drip me in

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