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south central cartel – drive by homicide lyrics



[dj gripp]
yo this is gripp, w-ssup?

yeah this is the mouthpiece, some punk-ss n-ggas tried to dump on me man
but i ain’t going out like that, call up the cartel, get the sh-t
and let’s roll

now here we go (now here we go)

[verse 1]
chillin’ in the hood, chillin’ on the set
five-o’s roll flashing lights and the homeboy’s jet
n-ggas ain’t sleepin, cuz’ everyone’s an enemy
and fo’-fo’s in the six-fo’ chevy
brothers knuckled up in the day
but now we don’t scr-p yo we strap nine-mills, ak
47s and intricate sh-t to serve funerals
the motherf-ckin’ ogs play generals
tell the little locs cap a b-tch
lead in your head where you couldn’t get a st-tch
cats hittin’ concrete, brains hittin’ walls
nuts goin’ pop and the blood’s in your draws
right i’ll k!ll a punk if the punk’s sweatin’ me
capable of death wish drive prodeje
riggy-rhimeson put a buck in the duck
miggy-mouthpiece how the livin’? boom!
sh-t outta luck (yeah)
buck a sucker buck a motherf-cker buck ’em up
n-ggas hit the corner trynna smoke me over what?
i’d rather just scr-p but the gat’s what i’m livin’ by
so when they sweat me i commit another homicide

it’ll be, a driveby homicide
i’m a n-gga gotta live by the trigga’

[verse 2]
city under siege motherf-cker, my hood is on lockdown
a n-gga dead (buck buck) face down, clown
oh yo f-ck no ho ho n-gga, chop chop, i’m on the block with a nine-glock
one-time’s got beef g
mary had a lamb, godd-mn
but havoc had an uzi
sc load clips, lead in your -ss as the ak rips
domes get split motherf-ckers wanna g
on miggy-mouthpiece, rhimeson and prodeje
morgue-bound n-ggas lie stiff in the street
nine goes pop n-ggas hit the concrete
n-ggas die quick, die young, get hung
styles like p-ssy, one taste and you’re sprung
a one mile scope on your dome and it’s flew
wrapped up box mailed home to your crew
smoke a motherf-cker tryedta g, give it up
n-ggas try to smoke prodeje, give it up
cartel roll straight deep, when it’s time for a whoride
so when you sweat me i commit another homicide

it’ll be, a driveby homicide
i’m a n-gga gotta live by the trigga’

[verse 4]
break a n-gga down to a compound
slit his f-cking skull live his brains on the grid now
f-ck one-time cuz the crime is on me
a dead motherf-cker can’t walk (talk) so his -ss sleep
nice screams (ha being) n-ggas dead on the corner
five-os laugh he’s a goner
now we lead in your -ss with a blast motherf-cker
buck buck buck, yeah sucker
two to the one to the one
a n-gga with a gun in the hood so the five-os come come
code red code blue 187 on a n-ggero
blood spills on a figgero
so i creep out the mist
but n-ggas wanna diss this
but havoc’s feared like syphilis
prodeje’s a felon no joke
so i smoke him
discombobulate him with a one blow
choke him
break a n-gga off cuz he soft as a jimmy
elevate that -ss leave a cast punk try me
glock goes buck and the ak rips so
smoke clears, dead bodies lay, presto

it’ll be, a driveby homicide
i’m a n-gga gotta live by the trigga’