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sovren – dance lyrics


everything i do
these n-gg-s copy my moves

i’m jus tryina live
these n-gg-s they rather lose

my eyes on the prize
cuz really got sh-t to lose

this jus for the night
pls bb don’t get confused

drugs they keep me high
not comin down,not for you

lone in my thoughts
id rather be home wit you

i jus bought some raf
but ricky it’s on me too

i just bought some raf
but ricky on me….

girl take off tht undercover
get undercovers wit me

stay right by my side
i’ll take you where u wanna be

like the way i talk
this lil b-tch wanna suck me

heartbreak sov
dis lil b-tch don’t wanna f-ck me

ion love these hoes
can’t get attached for nothing

i don’t love these hoes
don’t get attached …

wanna live the fast
come and ride w me

you don’t feel my pain
so don’t cry to me

you don’t really love me
dont lie to me

you don’t reallly
so don’t try to be..

b-tch it’s 3am
i’m tryina go home and sleep

why you on my phone
but tell me tht u trust me

had her face down
baby hands to ya feet

you know sov the gob
you don’t know the real me

don’t know the real me

chi town get so cold
my hand on my heat

i don’t milky rock
i don’t juju no beat

i jus let the diamonds do the dance for me
baby dance for me aye