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space eater – medea lyrics



she reigns in terror, mind polluted by hate and fear
had her family k!lled, made her foes disappear
vicious affairs, dying offspring screams
more blood on her hands than in the styx

she gives
she takes
her nature she forsakes
your mind
your heart
nothing’s sacred

deception, witchcraft, s-x and sword
she’ll use all means
to reach her goal
show any weakness in the night
she’ll have you dead
before the dawn

she invokes l-st, clouds your judgment with no sweat
intentions vile, to your existence a threat
guarded by the sun god, escape into the sky
confront her vanity and you will not survive

[repeat prechorus]

[repeat chorus]

[solo: luković]

staring at her trembling hands
reflecting on her deeds
bl–dy eyes unveil repent
cries in pain

[solo: matković]

[repeat prechorus]

[repeat chorus]