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spermbirds – just a moment lyrics


the first thing i think about
in the morning or at night
i can’t tell anybody about it
’cause i told everybody about it
i been accused of running away
but this time
i think i’ll hang around
get myself back to higher ground
just a moment
what you say?!

she said,
just a moment,
you’re just a moment, she said.

locked up held down again
’cause i’m living through someone else
i can’t take off all of my problems
i can’t handle it by myself
every time i turn around another
parasite at my back
count 2, get the f-ck away
or you’re gonna understand jacked up


it’ the first thing i think about
the only think i think about
i think it’s time that you found out
what has happened to me
i want one thing totally clear
i’ve had your sh-t up to here
i won’t give up for free