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spice 1 – u gotta take it (one day at a time) lyrics


[intro: spice 1 talking]
yeah, fool
spice 1, lp, 2pac
doin’ it like that, takin’ it one day at a time
stayin’ headstrong, you know
life is way to hard
let them know ‘pac:

sometimes it’s hard
wake up in the mornin’ mind full of demons
i don’t want to hear them anymore
got me heartbroken, find, so many babies screamin’
cause they seeing destruction before they see a human being
(that’s right) so they start smokin’ weed
from every ghetto day, until we learn to pray
keep our families in shape cause they all broke
and why, do ghetto birds die?
before we learn to fly
somebody else’s child flauntin’ gun smokin’
and we, can all make it change or so i’m told
but i haven’t seen a change unfold
i keep hoping please, if you prefer to breathe..
communities in need, or people that believe
keep your eyes open, i, can only say i’ll try
until the day i die
i promise to be wise with my heart open greed
brings only misery, a way to tragedy
so i stay sucker free
only a few chosen rise
my ghetto queen, rise don’t be afraid to try
to many others die before the door to open wise
my brothers be wise, stay focused on the prize
though everybody dies we continue growin’
one day at a time

[chorus: headstrong]
it is hard to maintain
in this world of mine
we got to take one day at a time

n0body said it would be easy for me to succeed
but i’m in need
so they got me slaggin’ sacks of dirt weed, indeed..
i disagree but tell me what are my choices
hearin’ voices, i’m tryin’ to live large like rolls royce’s
options are limited, they got me fillin’ up drugs
they got me dealin’
and money they got me stealin’ it
life expectancy ain’t even 20 years
even my peers live in fear of over here on my side
we live and die by who-ride
genocide, crack pipes and yet you say it alright
but it’s.. all wrong this ain’t another sad song
just a voice from the strong
what really goes on?
you ain’t knowin’ you ain’t gotta live it to survive
all you do is turn to channel 5 and catch it live
runnin’ high until the smoke clears in the sky
relaxation on vacation, watching my brothers die
tell me why?

[chorus: headstrong]
it is hard to maintain
in this world of mine (one day at a time)
we got to take one day at a time
(one day at a time)
(that’s right)
it is hard to maintain
in this world of mine (one day at a time)
we got to take it one day at a time

[break: spice 1 talking]
you know what i’m saying?
we got to take this one day at a time, you feel me?
time don’t stop for n0body
don’t move faster, don’t move slower
it’s just be movin’ alright

[spice 1]
i got a devil upon my shoulder, and an angel upon other
and if i die please ask to lord take care of my mother
and my sister and my daughter
mean the world to me
my daddy left me this year
when ’97 got here
and i ain’t cried like that
since i was a six year old youngster
apart of me departed from earth
now he’s amongst the ghetto heavens above
show love when i see them
just keep thuggin’ and strugglin’
til my maker say i should meet him
catchin’ cases with pistols
tryin’ to protect what’s mine
just wanna feed my two kids
stay alive at the same time
it’s a cold, cold world
where we all gotta live in it
til the man turns out the lights on us all
and then we finished

[chorus: headstrong]
it’s hard to maintain (so hard…)
in this world of mine
we got to take one day at a time

[outro: spice 1]
it’s all about maintainin, you know
gotta get yours
i can’t even fake it man
that’s what it’s all about
just maintainin’
take your time
sit back, think about what you’re doing
you know what i’m saying?
before you make them moves
talk to the man upstairs
don’t do nothin’ with out
you know
maintain partner
one day at a time