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spin doctors – margarita lyrics


pick up my kid in a jaguar
drop him off in a mercedes benz
when you look over your shoulder
you’re gonna see me through different lens
by the time you get to phoenix
i’ll be laughing in la
by the time you find the right bottle of wine i’ll be sipping my courvoisier

because revenge is sweet
but success is sweeter
take the salt from my wounds and put it in my margarita
i’m the new kid on the candy store
by the time you want me back
i won’t want you anymore

when my walking shoes were newer
you played me at your game
and when my tears were fewer
you’ll put the sham into my pain
and when i’m wrinkling the sheets
with someone you don’t know
i’ll be using your cold shoulder
to chill the veuve cliqueau


in for a penny, in for a pound of the flesh is weak
and the spirit is hurt
even if the meek shall inherit the earth
can’t wear your heart on your sleeve
when you’ve lost on your shirt