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splitzismyname – pole lyrics


frrt, frrt
yuh yuh, yuh yuh
go, yuh yuh

i got the toilet roll, yuh
i really don’t know where to go, yuh
young n+gga stay with that pole, yuh
know that i fly with the cro+o+ows
g+go, yuh
all of my n+ggas on go+o+o
yuh, all of y’all n+ggas some hoes
yeah, that n+gga don’t want smoke
yup, you tryna be me, you broke
that n+gga got hit with that pole
get hit with the strap, don’t know where to go
can’t show me a stack, i know that he broke
i’m with 6, he keep that stick
run that n+gga down with that bl!ck
i got poles when i’m on your strip
that n+gga wanna talk sh+t, and get hit
b+tch, i’m a dog, i got that sh+t
young n+gga a rottweiler, not no pit
pull up with a beyblade, let it rip
i feel like a toilet with that sh+t
you claim that you hard, but you not
my n+gga got three hots and a cot
these n+ggas try beam me, but they bots
these n+ggas try be me, no, you not
you wanna talk sh+t and gеt shot
just like a balloon, you get pop

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