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spoonboy – not coming home lyrics


jamie took the car out, drove downtown for the weekend-
at the old abandoned parking lot we found reasons to believe again
crumbling with the walls, we were there with a couple cans of spray paint
jamie said, “i’m not coming home again.”
me and tammy snuck out and met down on the subway
i’d been telling tammy “just get out of your house,”
she said “i wanna hear this f-cking band play.”
the volume was beyond comprehension
we took it rough, like self inflicted wounds
tammy said, “i’m not coming home again.”
and all these hollowest of promises is how we strung each other on
experimenting with survival techniques
we crossed the blurriest lines between right and wrong
jamie said, “when i wind up in jail, tell the world it was all for a purpose
escape ain’t the n0blest cause, but if all you do is just pay lip service to your life
you’ll wind up stuck eternally. and you can tell tammy that
you tell her, get out of this town someday.”
but seven thousand channels! dis-ssociation
i found tammy, her head all slow with downers
she said “come on, give me my vacation.”
there was something about the air out that night
i’d sworn if i kissed another friend goodbye
i’m not coming home again
there was something about the air out that night
i told tammy, “you can kiss my -ss goodbye
because i’m not coming home again.”