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spoonboy – paint by numbers lyrics


on the playground you learned
how to share with the kids
but you still didn’t feel you fit in
how fitting, your confusion when you turned sixteen
you knew how to paint by numbers
but you knew it wasn’t rock and roll
you learned tight pants, spray-paint and eyeliner
you said glam-rock would save your soul
but you didn’t grasp that the rebellion you wanted
wasn’t something you can ever be sold

and i never understood how someone
could be so willing to be absorbed
into what i never though could be p-ss as ident-ty
and i always felt bad for the kids
who had to share their faces
with sad teenagers across the world
who’d found something to fill their loss
without ever addressing the cause

and i heard your speech patterns imitated exactly
by a girl in seattle and again in minneapolis
so i guess he must of learned that from tv
you said you’d find yourself for real
but fell that far from the goal
you had to paint by numbers
but knew it wasn’t r-r-r-rock and roll