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spoonboy – philadelphia lyrics


two hours north of the nation’s capital
i took a break from what would be my final days
in a prison of my own making to see a fiend who had said
“hey come on over,” a favorite band
and an ex-lover’s ex-lover

and ryan said that he liked my company
so i didn’t leave that night
and stuck around for his birthday
we rode out to the tops of the oil cans
to a pool in the woods and i jumped in…

perpetually lost and so
i made my way across the zip codes
sold tapes to the smaller distros
learned cliches of the drifter’s ethos
learned addiction to new faces:
the pros and cons of being place-less

and my friends seemed stuck
but i didn’t know what to say
so i addressed the chorus
and asked each voice individually

they all said “i’m doing this for my parents
i wish i had other choices
it’s not really what i want
but i can’t stand to be a disappointment.”

and i wanted to say how at the end of the day
you’re just accountable to your memories
and if you can’t lament what might have been…
you’ll never be a disappointment

but i couldn’t find the words somehow
wrote down the names of the college towns
and waved out the window
as the dots on the map p-ssed by

and ryan said that he liked my company
and though i know i never told him
well it really meant a lot to me
and i said i’d make a point to always stop on by
and i know that i don’t, but i think about it every time
that the greyhound glides p-ssed philadelphia
and then the greyhound cries for philadelphia