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spring of hope – rain down a river lyrics


verse 1:
i know the sand is hot; it’s true the desert’s dry
but just staring in the wind won’t reveal the reason why
for there’s a spirit on the breeze; there’s a voice heard on the wind
there’s a cloud up in the sky; and the rain is coming in

verse 2:
by the rivers of babylon we left our harps to hang
strangers in a strange land; we found we couldn’t sing
now we’re out here in the desert; it’s been a while since jordan flowed
but i’m following a whisper, and heard a mighty wind blow

living water; living water
living water; come and water these desert sands
living water; living water
rain down a river on the land

verse 3:
it’ll make the desert bloom; make those sands a flower bed
with the breathing of the wind, it’ll wake the living dead
it’s a land that’s bursting wildly like a calf out of the stall
looks like promised milk and honey to those who heed the call

verse 4:
it’s a river flowing mighty; it’s a river flowing deep
and there’s healing waters stirring with those tears that we weep
yeah, the river may be muddier than seven sparkling in the sun
but you know there ain’t no healing found in any other one