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ss benny – soldier lyrics


[intro: ss benny]
yeah, yeah, uh
cut it off one time, one time

[verse 1: ss benny]
told me bout the service on the line
you been calling all day, all night, all the time
told me what you’d like
heard it from your friends
heard you love the ends
told em what to do
i won’t mess with you, i won’t mess with you
(trick uh, trick uh)
won’t mess with you
(no no no, no no, no , no no)

[verse 2: ss benny]
i heard stories from your best friend
she told me bout how you like to do things with your friends
i heard all of your things, insane
baby don’t play with me
baby don’t play with me
(hoo oo oo)
cuz i’m a mf soldier uh yeah
(uh uh uh)
you can never say i ain’t mf told ya, yeah uh
(uh uh uh)
i need a mf trojan, oh sh-t
(trick, trick, trick)
imma get it goin, get get get it goin, uh oh sh-t

[verse 3: ss benny]
count down the times, and the money, the bands
baby girl you understand
(hroo hoo)
i’m flying, that be peter pan
i wanna go get it like that
you take the money from hand
i wanna go get it like that
i do not fuh with your mans
i will not, i will not, i will not
(hroo, benny, benny)

[outro: ss benny]
it’s a sweetrsnd ting, ya heard
yeah, yeah