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stanko – assassins invention lyrics


as i enter in the game
not really worried about the fame
i should introduce myself by giving out my stage name
mr. nene to the haters, stanko to the ballers
didn’t mention b-tch n-ggas cause we don’t yall to call us
stand at attention as i plan to mention
im recreating my own flow call it the -ss-ssin’s invention
i’ll -ss-ssinate the haters, all the whack rappers
and make it so far in the game that i compete with the guptas

i’ve never been violent but i got n-ggas on my hit-list
‘stanko’s getting hot’ bring the crease i got the iron fist
your girl ain’t married but its funny how she’ll miss us
and you’ll hate us and then diss us
but we won’t have time to discus
casue we keep aiming further like our life’s a game of discus
i’m on the road to success traffic officers wanna stop us
surrounded by these haters and those that hated on jesus
delivering sickness
thank god for picmix fixing pictures

back to business, you’ll find me working on my fitness
murdering rappers, and getting rid of the eye-witness
with no -ssistance, they really amazed by my quickness
y’all better make a clearance cause i’m about to make my appearance

someone get a baker and teach these n-ggas how to make dough
i’ll be a sole trader with no price-tag on my soul
i promised to spit a few bars
stabilizing my future
i bend rules like the last air-bender from avatar

music to your soul, i’m about to go skin deep
i.c.u but on your own n-ggas couldn’t breathe
i bring that young flow to floor, my aim is to grow
you like my hip hop, make it pop, turn rain to snow

i heard them say its over when the fat lady sings
n-ggas think they fly but couldn’t even afford chicken wings
i bet that line made you smile, like you taking pictures
call me mc hammer i plan on nailing all these b-tches
y’all clearly see me getting money, i must in hd
i share it with all my n-ggas and those i regard as my family

they go stevie wonder, they see nothing wrong with my flow
i’m just getting warmed up for the punchlines i’m about to throw
they’ve been waiting patiently so they could come and hate on me
at school they ask me for money, i guess i pay your salary
cause i illuminate your hood and shed light on the matter
sick lyrics force you to go and use your grey matter
like a 10 without the zero your probably juan mata
your busy with the snakes i’ll be climbing the ladder

i’m on fire like some weed, i stopped, dropped and rolled a blunt
no label i spitfire, these fake n-ggas just got burnt
i handle it from a angle as if my first name was kurt
they tried to kick me when i was down, all i did was feed em dirt

cause when it gets cold, you’ll find n-ggas with no coats
i open my wallet so these fake n-ggas can take notes
no jokes
i’m for real