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state cows – mystery jane lyrics


11.45 she sneaks in through the door
to café cordiale, i’ve seen her cape before
every time she’s in this place, she wears a veil upon her face
somewhat plastered, i decide to find out more

i’m not a tyro, but she is something else

mystery jane, what are you hiding
your golden hair is all that i can see
mystery jane, am i your equal
is there a chance that you can like a fren like me

outside i gather strength and start to stalk her down
at some old cul+de+sac, she finally turns around
her green complexion, shiny fangs and reptile smile
they make me stumble back and run for miles and miles (and miles
and miles)

i’m not a tyro, but she was something else

mystery jane, please keep on hiding
your golden hair was all that i could see
mystery jane, i’m not your equal
is there a chance that you can spare a fren like me
mystery jane, mystery jane
the last refrain i sing is: mystery jane