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steeleye span – mantle of green lyrics


as i was a+walking one morning in june
to view the g+y fields and the meadows in bloom
i spied a young female, she appeared like some queen
with her costly fine robes round her mantle of green

he said, “lovely fair maid, if you will agree
then we’ll join in wedlock and married we’ll be
i’ll dress you in riches, you’ll appear like some queen
with your costly fine robes round your mantle of green”

she quickly made answer, “may you be excused
for i’ll wed with no man, you must be refused
to the greenwoods i’ll wander and shun all men too
for the lad that i love fell at famed waterloo”

“if you will not marry, tell me your love’s name
for i’ve been a soldier, and might know the same”
“draw near to my garment and soon you will see
his name i’ve embroidered on my mantle of green”

enrising of her mantle, it’s there i behold
his name and his surname in letters of gold
young william o’reilly it appeared to my view
i cried, “he was my comrade at famed waterloo”

now when that she heard it, the paler she grew
she fell in his arms with her heart full of woe
“your heart i have wounded, the truth i declare
here is your love’s token, the gold ring i do wear”
“in your father’s garden, beneath a green tree
we pledged our true love and long we’d agree”
this couple got married, i’ve heard people say
she wore a mantle of green on their wedding day