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steeziel – tony stark freestyle lyrics


[verse 1]
more to life than just flicking my bic
they ain’t really talking bout sh-t
let me bring you up to speed real f-cking quick
the cars. i had em. i got em. like sodom
spitten’ flames fire and brimstone
rocken’ the mic like a gemstone
i overpower why should i be gentle?
respect is power to my mind its that simple

[verse 2]
i’ll be going a bill eighty in a sil-eighty
having fun with a real lady. not a hoe not a sl-t
i know you hate that word but but
crazy to be humble. trace me when i f-cking stumble
can’t hear the sh-t you talken cause you sounding like you mumble
when i come around i’m trouble. you will swear you seeing double
you’ll be asking who is this? and if you ain’t with st–z then i’m bad 4 business
we ain’t the same. i have no shame. unavailable your whole life. too afraid to live outspoken
heaven and h-ll are right here in the moment
never slowing. always holding onto something i’m releasing that sh-t
grew up poor mentally and i’m increasing my rich

[verse 3]
hope i make my point when i pull up in a 6 speed vantage
gave you all my heart was more than you could even manage
erased my best years really tell me whats the damage?
look at my growth now from all the seeds that i had planted
live life appreciate and understand it
we got it. we got it. in obvious amounts
when you got this much who cares and who counts?
i’m onto new things and keep advancing my original
changed a whole lot but not all of it was intentional

[verse 4]
still searching for a first time high
get it every time it ain’t hard to come by
most things you could think of have already been done
innovative thinkers have always been shunned
we switching places on different days
but my reasoning still say the same
said love your heart but f-ck your brain
these days i just can’t complain. i can’t complain
i can’t refrain from certain desires. its just the way that i’m wired
i work but only man to be hired. i fill my heart with desire
i fill my bong with that fire. slow is smooth. smooth is fast
they came up but i p-ssed. i sware i’m the 1 2 be here last
first in. last out. don’t make me pull out the secret stash
i do it i do it and i only do it for the 1’s that feelin me
i’ma cash out then p-ssout wakeup with new ability
i’ma be the m-th-rf-ckin blueprint for the true sh-t
f-ck where you hit cause you missed the mark
wait till i suit up like tony stark