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stephen kellogg the sixers – dark side of the king lyrics


i wonder what it’s like to be a king?
it was these words that she replied to him
in return to his questioning the rain
as the sun soaked the face of crazy jane
she closed her eyes and asked him for a grape
but all he had were olives ever since the rape
johnson check the weather man i think it’s gonna rain
tell me again how long it’s been since we went insane?
jillian liked to keep her baby close
jack could never understand why his kids were so morose
they live in the nineties and it’s ashes in the rain

mama can you help me cause they’re picking at my brain?
he’s blacker than a monkey swinging on the midnight
as he cackles when his daughter says, ‘the kids are
mean to me.’
i do believe that i can finally see the rain
the politics of difference, man this sh-t is all the
the kids put on a p-rno and they ask if they can watch
then the first lady comes on the news and says ‘kids,
don’t touch.’
we take a closer look and are those bombs or is that
the vultures got to me just before you came
so john and jane raise jack and jill just like they had
watching black and white tv and b-mming all their
they’ll wash their hair in gasoline and then they’ll
rinse it in the rain
the king gets what he pays for when he’s on the gravy
mama can you help me because they’re picking at my