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stephen lynch – lorelei lyrics



lorelei had lazy eyes
straight ahead she would stare
and still see sh-t over there with her lazy eyes

anabel had an odd odd odd smell
cigarettes and gin
with some ball sweat mixed in
such an odd odd smell

dona ruth
dona ruth had a snaggletooth
her smile would win her no fans
but she could open some cans
with her snaggletooth

marie claire
marie claire had long long red hair
soft and silky i swear
but her -sshole is wear
she had long red hair

oh these ladies were lovely
so i don’t now why
i sent them all packing
yeah i let them all fly
oh i should be cool
give them another try
except for the one with the lazy eyes
can’t get past that one

rosario was from mexico
there’s nothing wrong with that
but her ankles where fat
so she had to go
nothing wrong with that
but her ankles were fat
so she had to go