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stephen & tha boiz – based shrek lyrics


[verse 1: james]
i look like shrek
i am an ogre
i f-ck your b-tches
i steal your corn
go in the village
scare all the people
f-ck all the b-tches
take all the children
raise them as my own
they are my children
they are my kids
they are my ogres
these boys are my children
these girls are my children
they are little ogres
they are known as shrek-lets
little shreks running
all in my house
swagging with my donkey
he’s making waffles
swag like shrek
30 thousand million
fighting off dragons
making lots of movies

swag like shrek
swag like shrek

[verse 2: matt]
swag like shrek
b-tches on deck
green d-ck in your face
you finna get wrecked
ogre b-tches love me
main b-tch fiona
i’m shrek, b-tch
i’ll bone ya
shrek 1, shrek 2, shrek 3
everyone thinks i’m so s-xy
one billion dollars
and i live in a swamp
i’m shrek, b-tch
suck my glomp