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story so far – stifled lyrics


overseas while you’re back west
sleeping off the restlessness
everything will be fine
just gotta keep my mind on your bed and your bed on my mind
i’m so sore from sleeping on the floor
i never see your face anymore
(maybe i’ll come back around)
i’m so sore from sleeping on the floor
i want what we had before
(you made me come back)
stifled there but you still walk in place
i’m distant now they say i’m rude of late
i p-ss up sleep as my mind debates
the message i put forth
just admit if you’re not sure
all they’ll know is second best
but it still brings the restlessness
don’t think that it’s fine
i lie because this distance is poison
it f-cks with my mind
i’m so sore
can you give me some more sp-ce to grow what was sewn before
i’m so sore
stomach’s on the floor
i swear i always wake up before
can’t help but dwell on what you’re doing
i’m much too slow for the pace that you’re moving
a piece of us will stay unmoving
but how’s it ever going to feel the same again?