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strawbs – i don’t want to talk about it lyrics


there’s a place that i know
there’s a place i want to be
there’s a girl that i love
she is waiting there for me

there’s a time that we share
when the sun is going down
with the world to ourselves
when there’s no-one else around

i don’t, i don’t
(you lit the fire)
i don’t want to talk about it
(and let it burn)

i don’t, i don’t
(you’ve reached the point)
i don’t want to talk about it
(of no return)
actions speak much louder than words
let’s do it

there’s a kid on the streets
who will never know his name
there’s a woman in black
who should hang her head in shame

every now and then
in the dead of night
you call on me
to make it right

there’s a voice in the night
that is calling out to me
there’s a fire that will burn
in your eternal memory