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strawbs – we have the power lyrics


we can try to find the answers
we can estimate the cost
we can count our many blessings
in the friends that we have lost

we can leave the crowded city
break out on the open road
the child has long been growing
from the seed our father sowed

we have the power within us
to move mountains if we try
to change the course of rivers
or the colour of the sky

we have the power to give life
or to take it if we choose
ours can be the answer
make or break it, win or lose
it’s in our hands

be positive in conflict
make victory complete
give our former rivals
honour in defeat

watchful of our actions
being sure to care
true to all our promises
making time to spare

spring is scarce remembered
autumn just a name
the leaves will soon return back
to the earth from which they came

ours is but a short life
from the moment of our birth
when our ashes scatter
to the corners of the earth