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streetypluggnb – i hit my gf pt 1 ft. int lyrics


int raped a ninja on this beat

thats my blud sister i hit her
when i turn around i hit her
whip out my belt when i hit her
she said we for life so i spit on her and hit her
she said start abuse so i hung her and i dipped her
she found out i was cheating so i went and k!lled her sister
beat the sh+t outta lil bro gave that lil ninja some blisters
and if the producer listenin ima molest him
took her dog raped it on the rainbow bridge
and i hit her
she said that i hit her in court
i said no i didn’t
they said im cool to go
now i can be the president
forced her mom to sip on my pin
made her dad eat my belly b+tton lint
she accused me of hittin her sister so i put a dent in her car
in this world of love f+ck ninjas go far
inna puff puff puff situation i take a puff of a blunt and fart
life is never serious so ima go drive fast in my car
wait till i find yo lil sister again you gon find me behind bars

yeah she ain’t wanna f+ck me
so i put her inna stretcher
and she dont like the money so i had to hang her
yeah i got an std but you know that ain’t mean sh+t
yeah i just f+cked her grandma
yk that p+ssy wet as
yeah yk i hit her with a belt that sh+t feel the best
yeah she wanna take me to her dopamine f+cker rainbow bridge haunted mound
yeah this sh+t crazy cause you can’t put me under arrest



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