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stuart davis – fall awake lyrics


i was a curious boy with a wandering mind
on a hungry search undefined
in a rigid school full of concrete thought,
a structured day and all that brought
logic ground in repeatable facts
my big energy faded back
they gave me far less than they stole
they packed my head and they drained my soul

so i learned to sleep in a distant stare
out beyond, unaware
of a clear internal path i’d take
if i’d close my eyes and fall awake

it was an instant lift, my mind grew light
a lucid dream of a graceful flight
just one push and i learned to fall
into the arms of the energy that voiced my call
now each dream is an epitome
a beautiful glimpse at my permanent home
i’m a timeless ent-ty cloaked in skin,
the eye of the universe turning in

and it’s all between my ears
i know my way to a magic sphere
a clear internal path i take
when i close my eyes and fall awake

it’s a world too dense with material toys
and signals laced with a lot of white noise
but there’s a place in me that scientists
can’t explain so they just get p-ssed