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stuart davis – house of light lyrics


there is geography inside you, the mystic ocean is pristine
it is the spirit realm, and you are at the helm
where all the hungry souls convene
your instruments are gauged for motion
don’t tie the craft to keep it still
for if the captain’s idle, then the ship is bridled
and you have a voyage to fulfill

this vessel harbors no one meek, the timed never seek
but you watch the water rise, and you have anxious eyes

there is a comp-ss in your chest – pressing toward the house of light
there is a purpose you possess – pressing toward the house of light
with every drop and every crest, i see your sails are full and tight
pressing toward the house of light

some may embrace their hesitation
with the p-ssive anchors that they lay
but retrospect will prove that those who never move
become a pirate’s easy prey
this boat is the sum of all your actions
it’s body is a product of your deeds
crossing water fast, ambition is the mast
and you were christened with godspeed
the frightened ones who wouldn’t board envy you from sh-r-
for you’re in the rising tide and you are eager eyed


you are immersed in affirmation
bathed in the source of your creation
some are tempted by a dimmer glow
and drown in the undertow
but you are centered in a higher conscious wind
you see the beacon clear and bright