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style council – ghosts of dachau lyrics


i close my eyes – i reach out my hand
and there you are – beautiful in scabs
caressing my scalp – under the mounts of the gun towers
i shout your name – i kick out in dreams
and here we are – the searchlight beams
the siren squeals – and hopeless shuffle to certainty

the crab lice bite – the typhoid smells
and i still here – handsome in rags
a trouserless man – waiting helpless for dignity

come to me angel, don’t go to the showers
beg, steal or borrow – now there’s nothing left to take
except eternity

and who will come – to flower our graves?
with us still here – covered with dust
remembered by few but forgotten by the majority

stay with me angel – don’t get lost in history
don’t let all we suffered lose it’s meaning in the dark
that we call memory