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styles p – super gangster lyrics


“super gangster”

i.v. this sh-t is hot like the old jail music
i might as well go in

i’m a super gangster, g’d up extra
stretch you out plus the n-gg- you’re next ta
weeded up, liquored out
on a crate real late, four-fifth is out
i’ll let you know if it’s a drought or them bricks is out
the dominicans got ’em but the columbians shipped ’em out
know the big time hustlers, all of the drug smugglers
3-card molly n-gg-z, crooked card shufflers
even though the o’s on the hoes stroll
ex-baseheads that got a job, now they got ’em the soul glo
know all of the stick-up kids, dice shooters
old school n-gg-z that chill and light buddha
n-gg-z that cop cars and throw work in the engine
boys that do nothin but buy sneakers and denim
i know n-gg-z that get drunk at the bar
and the young boys who keep the handgun and the pump in the car

[chorus 2x:]
up in the hood, it’s a lot of gangs and gangsters
but i’m a super gangster
i super grind, i’m tryin to get super paper
told you i’m a super gangster

kick it with the o.g.’s and the parolees
light a blunt with ’em, tell ’em put out a stogie
the young boys that’ll kill yo’ -ss over a roley
maybe even a fossil; them n-gg-z is hostile
some hoe–ss b-tches that bag crack
throwed up in they -ss crack, leave with they bags packed
go where you tell ’em to go
the o.g. number man who sniff a little blow off the federal note
the white boy that’ll sell you a boat
get your papers cleared up, old church lady that’ll tell you it’s hope
the politician that’ll tell you to vote
and my jail n-gg-z that always get it in, with a sock and the soap

[chorus w/ ad libs]

i’m a super gangster, i fly off haze
i’m invisible, n-body ain’t seen me in days
i’ll crush every bone in you, i ain’t get paid
got a gun with a laser that shoot out grenades
i’m a super gangster, better ask the hood
all i need is some gloves and a mask, i’m good
i’ll rob everything i could, anytime i can
is s.p. the super gangster? yes i am

[chorus w/ ad libs]

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