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su ha bu wa – fruition lyrics


[verse 1]
born in chicago in the early 90’s
as a child raised with polish culture in my psyche
na telewizji godzila, miłość, polska rodzina
nawet gdy kłutnie były rezultem za dużo piwa
it wasn’t til i went to school i found out i was different
my tongue was not the default, the story of an immigrant
english not distinguished from gibberish
so far removed from the language of my lineage
when i was a little kid my parents made me stay in
planned to keep me safe as if our home was a haven
the problem was, papa drunk, mama shoved; dangerous
i draw well because its what i did to escape from it
despite the painful sh-t, my childhood was a good one
parents had a roof and food to raise their two sons
truth in these roots. the seed is the proof
the fruit from the shoots, my name is…

[verse 2]
back in grade school, i always got picked on
till 7th grade i spent my days as a victim
i had enough, push came to shove so, i stuck him
in the mouth. still got a scar from his tooth on my knuckle
ahhh f-ck ‘em, yeh. m-th-f-ckas better recognize
oh that’s right, i got my -ss kicked the second time
never mind it, i’m proud that despite the fighting
at school and home, i got a’s on all of my -ssignments
myrtle and gold, i was invited and so i took it
p-b-rty was a b-tch, i was itching ‘bout where to put it
and skipping lunch so i weighed about a buck twenty
lied about the cost cuz i knew my dad was stretching money
perhaps that’s why all my best friends were immigrants
related to their struggle ‘though we came from different villages
these branches, i’ma put some fruit on ‘em
a hundred thousand bushels, i’ma fill em with the product

[verse 3]
old boy, young man; fresh out my alma mater
it’s been 20 years since i got off the talc-m powder
mama ya boy, got a degree – biology. you proud of me?
you probably see i’m no prodigy but i’m proud to be solid as mahogany
luckily, i was cut from the same corduroy
polish boy got his moment like a f-ckin’ polaroid
it wouldn’t be possible without you in the picture
you painted a panorama – i’m aiming to paint it bigger
i’m singing hosanna, ain’t forever young like peter pan
lord knows i gotta get it before i get the rigor mortis
don’t need a porsche, just want a bigger portion
got more on my plate than a mothaf-ckin’ stegosaurus
this my story, glory to my seed you b-tches
got plenty (of) fruit and i intend to feed you b-tches
i got riches in my soul, just tell me what you need
i’ll give you anything between the roots and the leaves
believe that