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subculture sage – chances lyrics


chances are, cause i wear this silly grin
the moment you come into view
chances are you think that i’m in love with you

[verse 1]
woah woah oh oh
woah woah woah woah
oh oh

why do we do this to ourselves?
we do this over and over and over and over again
round and round we go
(round and round we go)

ah, we’re all just going round in circles
if 1 equals 1 then how come so much that it hurts you?
the worst truth is the fact that this is all actually self-inflicted
you’ve only got yourself to blame if the whole thing ends in st-tches
still we ride on, and let bygones be bygones
cause all we all we want is lo-o-ove
and we chase it like rat race for the papers
so a man stands for his baby
it’s a grand slam for the ages

i woke in love again
who would have thought of heartbroken it would come again
f-ck it then
might as well get a bun in the oven then

don’t be selfish
it’s not like this planets overcrowded
or that people should adopt more
or clocked that recreation should just stop for a second
we’ve got babies having babies for their child support
what’re we doing?
are we acting as we should?
are we being proper humans?
if love’s the most powerful energy that exists
how come it only lasts a bit
and then afterwards feels like sh-t
we sit there and tell ourselves
“nope, never again, love’s not for me, i’m going celibate friends”
and all it bl–dy takes is a half-decent conversation with the opposite s-x
and you’re back on the act of mating
never forsaken
always the top of contemplation
and who can blame us? the whole globe runs off fornication
s-x sells, so why are we not all millionaires?
i mean, someone’s making money but no one seems to care
three quarters still asleep, living life within a dream
and working hard for 50 weeks and spending two to think in peace
we’re all trapped up in the circle of love
what’s found is then lost cause one thought it wasn’t enough

chances are cause i wear this silly grin
the moment you come into view
chances are you think that i’m in love with you

[verse 2]
ah, this is all just meant to be
a vicious circle of wishful purposed energy
and eventually we come to the concluded rest in peace that
love is more about pain than it seems
it’s crazy how we do it
i mean, love is all there really is about us humans
we love each other, spiritually consciously coexist
but that same love of ego’s left society where it is, so
the question is can we truly love
or will love ironically be the end of us soon enough
true love does exist
i believe to my gut
it just takes two souls to make it to take it through the rough
but, f-ck
i mean easier said than done
because paranoia’s a b-tch and jealousy’s a c-nt
and how we think we’re ready to share love with someone else
when we can’t even love this planet, let alone ourselves
it’s like we should take our hearts and put it on a shelf
and just leave that there for you and n0body else
but of course the opposite s-x can love each other
we’ve got fathers, brothers, sons, daughters, sisters, and mothers but
husbands and wives? well that normally ends in troubles
sweet honeymoon period then -pop- goes your bubble
you can stay together and in love just like some do
but ask those who aren’t and they’ll tell you it’s a struggle so
are we all destined for cursed marriage?
or is it that nothing come easy that’s worth having
it’s up to you what you do with love once you’ve found it
you can feed it from your soul or let your ego drown it
i stand astounded
have i clocked it here in this rhyme?
love’s only relevant to an actual period of time
i sit back and smile through my crooked t–th
i’m done looking for love
i’m gonna let love come look for me

chances are cause i wear this silly grin
the moment you come into view
chances are you think that i’m in love with you