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subhumans – point of view lyrics


read it in the paper the other day, but not the day
neither in the one that came after it, so it’s out of
sight once more
everyone says it’s too hot outside and the canteen’s
gone downhill
the food ain’t what it used to be, but i don’t see ’em
being ill

get another point of view [x2]
another point of view [x2]

what was it the paper said, next to the top-less girl?
not but a picture of a starving kid in someone else’s
christ, she looks almost anorexic
give her some food before she dies!
in the macho banquet of anesthetic
conscience starves as they feast their eyes

get another point of view [x2]
another point of view [x2]

the bigger the picture the more it drives
images into the front of the mind
while the back dries up from the lack of ambition
to think about s-x and social position

you have to look further if you want to see more
then think a bit harder than you ever did before
if something is wrong and it makes you think twice
you’ve got the incentive to act
it’s your choice

get another point of view [x4]