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submissives – ritual submission onto death lyrics


i tried to do everything so correct
my duties i’d never neglect
i’ve lived for her and her alone
i’ve given her everything i own

lately though, something is wrong
our bond was once so strong
i can tell by the sound of her voice
that i have become bothersome noise

she has become rather bored
so often i am ignored
i only pray she is still pleased
and her amusement is being appeased

tied and bound in a rubber corset
her insults kindly beret
with snug hood, ball, and gag
to her friends this she would brag

then i am fed oxygen through a tube
sometimes she makes me wait
‘til she’s in the mood
or has she forgotten
she looks so distracted
think of me, dear mistress
my benefactor

the phone rings, she answers
then hangs up
she grabs her keys
walks to the door
if i could only disrupt
but she can’t hear my
muffled cries of distress
i pray this is only a test
i tried my hardest for you, mistress
i beg forgiveness, it was my best
i’ve made such a mess
bury me in my favorite dress
in peace i will rest