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suburban scum – blind to life lyrics


“blind to life”
i take two steps forward
that’s like ten steps back
trying to ease this pain
a shallow path full of misery
yet a man who is destined for change

trying to take what i can’t have
extending arms, but i can’t grab
a broken soul won’t face defeat
the only thing on a shark’s mind is eat

i stride and stride through your lies
but there is no glory
a revolving door of bullsh-t
always the same f-cking story
as i sit here spineless
with my arms so cold
i try to break the foundation
but i can’t crack the mold

so keep running from all your problems
then blame your b-st-rd son when you don’t know how to solve them

you’ll do anything to escape the truth
which is why i’d do anything to escape from you
clear as day, even the blind can see
you took the life you never had out on me

why was it so easy for you to get up and abandon me?